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As a professional medical billing service, we are dedicated to meeting all of the insurance and patient billing needs of your practice so you can focus on the care of your patients.

What are
Medical Billing Services?

medical billing

Nearly everyone wishes to live a happy and healthy life, but there are times when a person falls sick to some illness or gets injured. The most essential thing people need in times of difficulty, such as illness or injury, is financial support that could cover the medical expenses.

Health insurance is a valuable type of insurance plan that covers or pays for the medical or surgical expenses, prescription drugs, and some dental expenses incurred by the insured person. People with health insurance are called ‘insured or subscribers’ and pay a certain amount of money, which saves them from medical expenses. The Healthcare system is an essential component of medical business in a society and includes the provision of broad range of services to people of all ages. The healthcare system ensures that the medical services are met according to the condition and demands of the patients.

The healthcare billing companies play a vital role in the healthcare system that is divided into three categories that are primary care, secondary care, and tertiary care.

Why Consider
Medical Billing Services?

medical billing

The seamless provision of medical services is not easy as the healthcare providers have to not only administer the appropriate care to the patients but perform the administrative tasks as well. Medical billing consumes valuable time, which can be used to resolve more pressing issues.

The process of finding and training the right candidates to manage the billing and coding task can also be time-consuming and challenging. Also, if the claims are wrongly processed, then it can put a negative image on the medical practice.

Professional medical billing software companies employ a qualified and skilled team who are familiar with the specific payers and can work diligently, knowing about a company’s particular policies to get payment in minimum time. The billing company can also perform follow-ups on refused claims and pursue delinquent bills.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Medical Billing Expert

One of the best advantages of professional medical billing and consulting solutions is that the complications in steps of claims submission and billings are reduced, and the stress levels of the staff are lessened.

Additional advantages of employing medical billing companies are:

  • Improved and fast workflow without overburdening the medical staff
  • No confusion when dealing with particular and specific payer’s payment policies
  • Reduction in claim processing and submission errors
  • Extensive follow-ups are done to ensure that providers are reimbursed swiftly
  • The claims are processed at a faster rate, and even rejected claims are pursued
  • Streamlines the entire revenue cycle of healthcare management
  • Patient satisfaction improves significantly when claims are processed timely and quickly
  • Per patient cost is considerably reduced
  • All clients are given designated account, and a representative is assigned.

Medical billing Software

professional medical billing
Designed To Help Healthcare Practitioners
Our medical practice management software is designed to help healthcare practitioners handle billing, patient consultations, accounts, inventory, leads, point-of-sale, email marketing, documents, and more on a centralized platform. Healthcare professionals can utilize a drag-and-drop interface to manage appointments and maintain a patient database with information such as contact details, address, medical history, questionnaires, consent forms, and consultation details.

Using our custom software, organizations can set up price lists to charge clients for treatments, calculate commission percentages on bills, and apply dynamic pricing strategies based on variables such as the clinic, insurance company, National Health Service (NHS), or practitioner. The customer relationship management (CRM) system enables clinics to monitor outreach and communication strategies, analyze patient interactions and engagement via web inquiries, email, or phone, and measure marketing performance by tracking click-through and response rates. Administrators can also use the centralized dashboard to gain visibility into key performance indicators (KPI) as well as appointments, inventory, and booking activities.

Our Medical Billing Software allows clinical practices to manage leads, allocate client follow-ups to specific staff members, send automated responses to patient queries, and create customizable forms to collect medical information from clients. Patients can also utilize the platform to book treatments and follow-up appointments using multiple devices such as phone, tablet, or desktops.

How to Choose the Right Medical Billing Software

As a medical practice, you know that having the right medical billing software is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right one for your needs? The first thing you want to consider is what medical billing software qualities your business could benefit the most from. We offer a well-rounded software that is flexible, adaptable, and accurate to ensure your business is generating as much revenue as it can. Here are a few services our software offers to help you get the most out of your billing system.

professional medical billing software

Sagewood Medical Practice Management’s Medical Billing software offers verification of benefits, collections services, reporting capabilities, analytics, and transparency so that you always have control over your billing process. Other Sagewood Medical billing software benefits include:

Medical billing Specialists 

The medical billing specialists handle essential tasks such as up-keeping healthcare records, managing medical billing systems, reporting insurance claims, and ensuring care providers and the facility get paid. Medical coding and billing specialists are the key to medical organizations’ operation and ensuring they remain successfully operating for the people in need.

Medical Billing Specialists are responsible for submitting claims. A medical biller’s work starts after the codes have been entered into the computer system. A claim is based on the codes entered by the medical coder. The medical biller uses these codes to create a claim with the patient’s health insurance company or directly bill the patient. After filing a claim, they will follow up with the insurance company as needed.

professional medical billing

On a typical day of a Medical Billing Specialist, they will complete these tasks:

  • Use the diagnosis and treatment codes provided by the Medical Coder to create and submit reimbursement claims.
  • Review codes to ensure accuracy to avoid delayed payments.
  • Communicate effectively and proficiently with providers, coders, and insurance companies.
  • Work with patients on billing arrangements through insurance or by creating a payment plan.
  • Work on pre-authorization for treatments or procedures by talking to medical providers and insurance companies.
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