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Practice Management

Experienced Organization In Medical Practice Management
As an experienced organization in Medical Practice Management (PM), Sagewood Medical PM’s top priority is ensuring the success and well-being of our members. In addition to delivering the finest medical malpractice coverage, we offer members a range of ancillary practice management programs to help you optimize the business side of practicing medicine. This comprehensive approach enables you to confidently secure needed PM services through your trusted malpractice provider.
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Improving Your Revenue Cycle

Sagewood Medical PM has developed one of the most comprehensive management solutions offered. We bring together conventional work processes, wide-ranging use of information technology, and custom-made business intelligence.

This is to drastically improve the revenue cycle for your practice. Through this approach, we can help you find earnings in unexpected places, and increase income by 15-35%.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

We can help you reduce your day-to-day overhead cost up to 40% and lock the costs of operating expenses at a percentage of revenue. We can also improve collections up to 35%. There will be no expensive changes to hardware or software. You can do away with the need for hiring and maintaining billing and collection staff. We’ll also ensure that HIPAA requirements are maintained to ensure maximum protection for the practice.
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Our Philosophy

Our revenue cycle collections are a providers bottom line. On average 30% of claims submitted to insurance companies are either rejected or underpaid then written off as “uncollectible”. Sagewood Medical PM has specialized techniques promising to never have lost charges that were never presented to the payor. We have a proven track record for resubmitted under paid, rejected or previously appealed claims. See for yourself how ProActive can increase your collections by up to 35%.

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Our Software

Practice Management Software
Practice Management software brings appointments to health record maintenance in one application, a great help in making healthcare provider’s practice more productive by streamlining operations like billing workflows, clinic management, medicine inventory management and patient management processes. PM software as defined by the American Medical Association is a platform that enhances professional satisfaction, practice efficiency and the overall delivery of patient care.

With the development of technologies, medical organizations have deployed practice management software to enable healthcare facilities easily accessible to patients, by managing scheduling, patient tracking, registration management, patient accounting and reporting through a single application tab. It is widely known that managing healthcare practices can be arduous and time-consuming. In a single day, physicians and office staff may deal with administrative, regulatory, financial tasks involving lots of efforts. Practice management software is of great help here as it involves decisions, actions and resources important to delivering the best of healthcare practices, thus assuring the best of patient care service delivery.

Advantages Of Practice Management Software

Practice management software is of great help to clinics and patients in many different ways,

  • Through Practice Management software patients can book their doctor’s appointments at the click of a button, it is faster, efficient and timesaving.
  • It helps to maintain complete family’s health records, a feature which includes navigating through patient’s healthcare history for effective healthcare management.
  • Let’s patients pick and choose what kind of healthcare they need, thus giving them the opportunity to choose their preferred doctor and medication with the click of a button.
  • Patients can record and monitor their own vitals history for each appointment to keep a track of their overall health.
  • A PM software syncs the calendars of both, the doctors and patient calendars, thus helping with notification for appointments and follow-ups.

As Healthcare Becomes More Personalized, Sagewood Medical Practice Management's PM Software Is The One-Stop Solution For Both Patients And Caregivers Empowering Them With The Best Healthcare Solutions For Themselves And Their Family At The Click Of A Button.

Our Team
Our team at Sagewood Medical PM have years of experience in the medical industry and work with you, your Doctors and Staff to ensure the best outcomes for your business.
From consulting to turnkey practice management, we will support you to optimize your cash flow whilst reducing cost, thus creating an environment that allows GP’s to get back to what they enjoy most, practicing medicine.
Sagewood Medical PM has been meeting the needs of providers and practices with innovative and realistic solutions by combining people, processes and technology, resulting in top performances.
With experience on a variety of PM systems, we work hand in hand with providers to understand their vision and goals. With those goals in mind we construct solutions that are cost-effective, practical and time tested.
How We Can Add Value To Your Business?

Sagewood Medical Practice Management can provide software systems that integrates with your practice management software, giving you valued information regarding,

  • Strategic marketing
  • Coaching of practice owner & staff
  • Gaining more patients

Sagewood Medical Practice Management provides a comprehensive practice management service with full support services to health professionals. We can provide you with onsite or remote support to help you deal with the challenges of running your practice.

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