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Sagewood Medical is a professionally powered revenue cycle services company. We are focused on medical billing, clean claim submissions, and ultra-fast reimbursement with a personal touch. We offer extraordinary billing services, innovative software technology, and best-in-class customer service while adhering to our principles of honesty, integrity, ethics, and compliance.

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Nate Jorgensen

President at Sagewood Medical Practice Managment

One of the things I enjoy most is helping people succeed. It’s why I started my business providing professionally powered solutions with a personal touch.

Standing at 6’8” I am often asked by complete strangers to reach things from the shelves at stores. I don’t think anything of it as I get the item(s) down - it’s just my nature to help people. I use my height to help, this goes back to my days playing basketball where I was the guy “in the middle” who got the rebounds, blocked the shots, and did what it takes to win. I use many of my skills and natural abilities to help others succeed.

Another way I have found to sharpen my skills has been to seek education throughout my life. It has led me along a path that has taught me many lessons. I have received degrees and have taken multiple courses and earned certificates on various subjects; however, I value my life lessons the most. These lessons have come in good and bad forms, but l have learned and adapted from them all.

I love a challenge, I love to solve problems, I am driven to succeed. I want to help you reach your goals. Get in touch with me and let’s discuss your needs.

Account Managers at Sagewood Medical Practice Management

Cicily Seamons
Cicily 1

Cicily has been doing medical billing with Sagewood for over two years now. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Idaho State University. She also has certifications to teach spinning classes and weights classes at her local gym. She enjoys working with clients and prides herself in staying organized with patient and insurance information. She also, surprisingly, enjoys doing data entry! She has two girls and a fluffy goldendoodle.

Cicily and her family love camping, skiing, mountain biking, and staying active.

Kim Hall
Kim Hall

Kim is the newest member of the Sagewood Medical Practice Management team.  She graduated from Idaho State University in 2021 as a proud owner of an Associate's Degree in Health Information technology. She is also certified in Medical Coding.

When Kim isn't hard at work with us she's hard at PLAY at home with her 5 kiddos and her husband camping, playing games, or just enjoying time in the mountains!

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